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The Tempo Awards were established in 2018 by Radio Classic, Finland’s only radio station dedicated to classical music, for gifted young classical musicians and composers living in Finland.

We want to support and encourage the elite of the country’s young classical talent and give them acknowledgment for their work.

These days, things are often expected to happen quickly and effortlessly, but in fact there are no short cuts in classical music – learning requires time.

The name ‘Tempo’ comes from Italian and means ‘time’. As a musical term, it defines the pace of the piece and, for us, Tempo reflects the time each musician spends reaching his or her talents through developing, maturing and refining one’s gift.

The Tempo Awards winners will be announced during the Tempo Gala Concert at the Helsinki Music Centre’s Concert Hall on Saturday March 2, 2019.


The Tempo Awards are presented in six categories:

  1. singer
  2. instrumentalist
  3. composer
  4. conductor/choirmaster
  5. choir
  6. orchestra/band.

Musical educational institutes or individuals can submit award candidates born in 1989 or later. The submissions must be entered HERE from September 1 to November 30, 2018. The free-form application should include a video (no longer than 10 minutes) that best showcases the candidate’s skills.

Based on the submitted applications and videos, the Radio Classic pre-jury will compile a shortlist of top three from each category. These lists will be published on the Tempo Awards website and announced on Radio Classic on December 14, 2018.

The award winners will be chosen by the jury and Radio Classic’s listeners. The winners will be announced during the Tempo Gala at Helsinki Music Centre on March 2, 2019.


The Tempo Awards will be judged according to criteria that considers the applicant’s achievements in terms of the development of his or her own musical career. We value an active approach and commitment to the community. The award winner is expected to have done outstanding work in the field of music.

Radio Classic’s pre-jury and the six-member award jury will both make their decisions based on submission applications and applicant videos. The pre-jury will ask applicants to send a new videoclip, in which they can further display their talent.

Winner for each category will receive a cheque for 3 000 euros. In addition special prizes are given to other candidates.



The Tempo Awards jury will consist of representatives from Finnish music schools and Radio Classic, among others. The members of the jury will be announced in autumn 2018.

In addition to the awards jury, the listeners of Radio Classic can also influence the outcome! Please vote for your favorite candidates after December 14, 2018.


The Tempo Gala Concert at the Helsinki Music Centre’s Concert Hall on March 2, 2019 will be hosted by Finnish opera singer Waltteri Torikka, with performances by The Fabulous Bäckström Brothers and the Pyynikki Symphony orchestra, among others.

Tickets will be available from Ticketmaster and the Helsinki Music Centre starting from December 1, 2018.